Misadventure in Negros Occidental

First of all, this blog post is for our Misadventure in Negros last November 2016. You might be wondering why I use the word misadventure, right? It is not that this trip was full of unfortunate events, well there were some. It’s just that sometime misadventure can leads us to beautiful destination; like falls and beaches. This trip was also my first to travel on a plane! So, without further ado, let us begin our Misadventure in Negros.

Airplane window photo

Mandatory airplane window photo.

Misadventure in Negros: Day 1

It was 6 in the morning when we flew to New Bacalod Silay Airport and arrived at around 8AM then we went straight to Silay public market to meet with our friend. We were 5 in the group, I’m with 2 couples that made me the fifth wheel.


Fifth wheeling because third wheeling is too mainstream.

One thing that I noticed in Negros is that there are plenty of ancestral houses and buildings here. Along the way, you will also observe that there are a lot of sugarcane plantations here and trucks carrying sugarcane. Further research, I’ve learned that Negros is one of the country’s prime producer of sugar. Pretty amazing, huh? The trip lasted about 3 and 1/2 hours before we reach Northern Negros National Park.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by our contact person (forgot her name, though). And that was the start of our misadventure. Originally, our plan was to climb Mt. Mandalagan but we were informed that we were not allowed to proceed with our plan because the area is placed under typhoon signal 1 as typhoon Marce approaches Negros Island. Of course we were disappointed as it ruins our itinerary. (We were supposed to camp at Mt. Mandalagan). The local suggested that we stay there for awhile and wait for the weather to calm. They welcomed us in an old hospital turned into some sort of dormitory; we stayed in the session hall, though.

Thankfully, we don’t have to spend our time doing nothing. The local suggested to visit Pulang Tubig falls which is not far from where we stay. After 30 minutes hiking, we reached this majestic waterfalls. The highest waterfalls I’ve ever seen so far. We had a quick dip in its cold water and feel the wave as the water falls. It was not long when the rain start pouring that sends us back to the campsite.

We spent the whole afternoon eating, chatting with the locals and playing cards with a bottle of rum.

Misadventure in Negros: Day 2

So, it was our day 2 in Negros and the weather was still unforgiving and the rain hasn’t stopped. We spent half of our day loafing around. By noon we asked our guide if it we can do a day hike to Tinagong Dagat, unfortunately, it was too late for us. Said it would be dangerous to hike in the dark on a bad weather. As suggested, we opted to visit Dumalabdab Falls also a few walk from where stay.

There are a lot of foxholes which looks like mini cave along the trail, our guide said that these hole were secret passage used by the Japanese during the Japanese-American war here in the Philippines. After about 20 minutes of walk, we finally reached Dumalabdab Falls. It wasn’t as high as Pulang Tubig falls but it’s quite amazing as it has a some sort of natural catch basin below it. After talking few photos the rain started falling again so we decided to return to our campsite.

The local also suggested to visit the Japanese shrine located at the back of the hospital just a few walk from the session hall. The forested pathway going to the shrine is kinda creepy. At the end of the pathway there is this one Japanese-inspired tomb dedicated to the  Filipino, Japanese and American soldiers died during the World War II.

So, basically our two-day stay in Barangay Patag, Silay, Negros Occidental was about chasing waterfalls. We may have missed our plan but still nature provide something amazing.

Misadventure in Negros: Day 3

It was our day 3 in Negros and we bid farewell to Barangay Patag, Silay. We may not able to climbed Mt. Mandalagan, we somehow experienced the beauty of Pulang Tubig and Dumalabdab falls and it’s not bad after all.

Mt Mandalagan

Yep! That’s Mt. Mandalagan.

Before we left the area we bid farewell to the place and local by taking pictures as souvenir. It was another road trip going back to the town of Silay where we pick up supplies for our next destination.

Lakawon Island

Now that the weather is nicer that the previous days, it is now time to hit the beach. Our next stop was Lakawon Island resort located off the coast of Cadiz; about 15 minutes travel time by pump boat. Lakawon Island is like a giant sandbar in the middle of the sea. You can literally walk around the island for about an hour or so. It is a paradise in the making. When we visited the place I can say that it is not yet in its best condition as there were a lot of constructions going on. However, we still enjoyed the place as it is naturally peaceful and beautiful.

Lakawon Beachfront

Chill in these bean bags near the beach.


Lakawon Island Sunset

Watch as the sun peace set.

Lakawon Island Sunrise

Or watch as sun shine upon the island.

There are beach-front rooms and nipa rooms to stay in but we chose to pitch our tent in the nearby campsite. The island is equipped with basic amenities like restaurant, rooms, toilet/shower rooms and electricity. There is also a floating bar off the coast not far from the island though. There is nothing much to do in the island when we visit. All we did was just chill and relax.

Lakawon Island Campsite

Instead of availing a room, we just pitched our tent.

Misadventure in Negros: Day 4

It was our day 4 in Negros and time flies so fast when you are having fun. We travel back to Silay and checked in to a hotel so we can leave our things and explore Bacolod without any hassle. First, we visited Bacolod’s famous pasalubog store, Bongbong’s. There are famous for their Piaya, Barquillos, Butterscotch, Brojas and other delicacies. You can also pick up some merchandise and souvenir from them. Bacolod's Bongbong's

After buying pasalubong, we then had a taste of the famous Bacolod Chicken Inasal. There is this place called Manokan Country a place of chicken inasal-serving carinderias; we dined at Nena’s Beth.

Bacolod Chicken Inasal

See this juicy grilled chicken? Hah!

Now, to end the night we had some sweets at the famous cafe in Bacolod — Calea. They serve delish coffee and pastries, it is like the Starbucks version of Bacolod. The place is kinda popular as there were a lot of customers and it was quite noisy that time. After we had our dessert, we head back to the hotel.

Misadventure in Negros: Day 5

So, it was our last day and as the saying goes all good things must come to an end. Really, time flies so fast when you are having fun. There are lots of places to explore and foods to eat, wish I had the chance to visit them all. Well, will definitely go back here.

New Bacolod-Silay airport. Leaving as the sun shine.

New Bacolod-Silay airport. Leaving as the sun shine.

A perfect scene to end this adventure. No, that's not a sunset, that was a sunrise.

A perfect scene to end this adventure. No, that’s not a sunset, that was a sunrise.


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